New Sun Farm is a veteran-owned family farm in Rogers City, MI dedicated to growing healthy & convenient food for you and your loved ones!


We, the Wilburs, moved to the area in 2017 from Lansing, where we garnered years of experience and knowledge about organic and regenerative agriculture. We fell in love with Presque Isle County after visiting it, and decided we wanted to make our life here. Zach is a full-time paramedic for Rogers City, and Katherine is a Director of the Presque Isle Conservation District and owns Woodland Confectionary, a candy shop that only uses natural ingredients and derives inspiration from the nature around us. We also have two young children who love getting dirty and eating straight from the soil.


We are passionate about the community and environment we live in, and strive to provide the best to both. We work WITH the ecosystem to grow healthy plants and animals, and never apply anything to our fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, chickens or pigs that is synthetic or harmful to the environment.


New Sun Farm is shining a new light on local food by making it convenient for you to get it, and more importantly, ENJOY it! We offer high-quality, fresh and delicious vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, and pork products PLUS recipes, pre-made recipe kits, cooking tips, fun food activities for kids, & more. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to join our family of folks who love good, real food!

Shining a New Light on Healthy, Local Food!

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